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Steph Bustamante (she/her/they/them)

Executive Director

Steph Bustamante joined the organization in the Summer of 2013. At the University of Regina, Steph studied Human Justice, with a concentration in Social Justice and Human Rights, as well as the Youth Criminal Justice System, and a Minor in Sociology with a special focus on the Criminalization of Indigenous People in Canada. Before joining the SYICCN Inc. team Steph worked as a Domestic Violence Counsellor, an Anti-Poverty Advocate, a Housing Support Worker, a group home youth worker, and as a custodian for many years. 

Steph sits and has sat on various Boards of Directors across the Province of Saskatchewan in areas of Community Development, Women's Rights, Immigrant Rights, Child Welfare/Group Homes/CBOs, etc.

Message from Executive Director:

Hello Networkers,

I'm Steph, I'm 39 and a Mom to two incredible small kiddos. Every day I am honoured to work with young people in and from care, you are the experts on life in care, and there isn't a day that you don't make me smile and want to keep doing the work we do. It's my job to ensure that the SYICCN is running smoothly so that we can create safe spaces for you to connect with one another and build meaningful life-long friendships--chosen family. Youth voice and expertise are so incredibly powerful, even after 10+ years in this role I am humbled daily by the ability of young people to come in and in a short time simplify, strategize, and solve something that we "adults" have overcomplicated. 

Change on a Provincial level can feel slow and sometimes like it is moving in the wrong direction, but together we are so strong and loud and can improve our own lives, as well as others.' 

Fun Fact: I am first generation Canadian. I'm a proud dork and I love love love reading. If I'm not with my kids, I'm reading or listening to a book.

Favourite Piece of Advice: You do not need to know everything. You don't have to be perfect. Just be willing to try, learn, and keep growing. 



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Kyrissa Kuemper (SHE/HER/THEY/THEM)

Provincial Outreach Coordinator

Hey there! I'm Kyrissa Kuemper, and I'm thrilled to be the Provincial Outreach Coordinator for the Saskatchewan Youth in Care and Custody Network (SYICCN). I officially joined the team in July 2023, but my roots with SYICCN run deep—I first got involved through the Youth Speak Out program.

My journey hasn't been the smoothest ride. As a kid, I found myself caught up in the care system, bouncing from emergency receiving to kinship care, being placed back with my mom, and eventually landing in a Section 10 setup during my teenage years. But those experiences ignited something in me—a passion for justice, equity, and rights.

I noticed that many of my peers weren't aware of their rights or didn't have someone looking out for them. So, I stepped up. I became the go-to person for support and information, advocating for their voices to be heard and respected. That's where my journey into peer-to-peer advocacy began.

Even while juggling my studies and being named Valedictorian of my Adult 12 class, I remained active in the community, earning recognition with the Community Spirit Award. But my work didn't stop there.

Now, as part of the SYICCN, I'm dedicated to amplifying the voices of youth in care across Saskatchewan. And you can bet Mina, my trusty feline sidekick, is always there by my side, as I work from my home office in Saskatoon.

Together, let's ensure every young person knows their rights, feels supported, and is empowered to navigate their journey with confidence.



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