Youth in Transit: The App

Upon it's completion and incredibly positive feedback, the Youth in Transit: Growing Out of Care transition manual was developed into an app--available for all smartphones and devices. The purpose of the Youth in Transit App is to allow young people who are ageing out of care to be better able to plan their transition out of care in an accessible app that will store all the information you need at your fingertips. In addition to basic guidelines for successful transitions out of care, there are readiness assessment tools, checklists that are saved, progress indicators, space for additional notes, and there is space for you to input, save, and easily access important personal information--like important dates, doctor's information, etc.


  • Go into your App Store on your device
  • search "Youth in Transit"
  • follow the download instructions. 

For the safety and privacy of all users, the app has an "escape" function which allows users to immediately exit the app and brings you to an empty google search. 

While this app is made by and for young people to assist them in their transition from care, we encourage caregivers, supports, workers, etc  to become familiar with the app, to better assist and guide young people through this stressful time.

No one but you can access the information you save on your app. We are only able to reset your password. None of the information you add and save in your app is held or saved on our end at all.