Ageing Out of Care--Transitioning

Ageing out of care is often the most difficult transition a young person in care will go through. Most of us have had social workers, community workers, group home staff, or foster families (or all of the above) for years prior to ageing out, but when we age out at 18 or 21 (Sec 56), we lose all supports, funding, and housing, and we are on our own. Often our transition plans consist of instructions on how to access Social Assistance programming--further trapping us in the system.

Through various research projects with Young people preparing to transition out of care, as well as alumni of care, we have been able to identify that most young people leave care feeling underprepared for inter- or independent adult life. This most often looks like gaining total independence without having had the life skills development necessary to feel secure in managing adult life. Through multiple research projects, funded by external grants, and in partnership with youth in and from care in Saskatchewan, the SYICCN developed our Youth in Transit: Growing Out of Care transition manual. 

Image of Book cover with Title Youth in Transit: Growing out of care by the Saskatchewan Youth in Care and Custody Network Inc. Cover is black on the top half, white on the bottom half which also has a silhouetted image of a group of youth (cartoon style). Overlayed across the pace are brightly coloured network lines leading to teardrop tabs with images denoting various categories within the manual--employment, housing, education, family/support. The  Youth in Transit: Growing Out of Care manual, created in partnership and consultation with 200+ youth and alumni from care, is a manual/workbook made by youth for youth to assist young people before, during, and after their transition from care. Within the manual are 10 modules that young people identified as key areas of focus for successful transitions from care:

Health and Wellbeing 
Housing and Healthy Living
Money Management and Financial Education 
Supports and Healthy Relationships 
Youth Justice

Life Skills 

For physical copies of the manual, please email Download a digital copy here Youth in Transit: Growing Out of Care

Youth in Transit: Growing Out of Care Mobile App

Through funding from CIRA's Community Investment Program grant, SYICCN Inc. has been able to take direction from our members and transform the Youth in Transit Manual into a digital application that will be available on all platforms. Please check back for updates on the release of the Youth in Transit App.